Good Leadership – how do you measure it?

Every company, every nation, every group seeks out good leadership.Finding them seems to be the issue. Is it a native quality or is it something possessed only by the few? Leaders can be measured by certain criteria. Although there are probably many points of view on this subject, I believe we could agree on a few elemental factors. The conventional view of the leader is the man or woman who stands up in front of a group, large or small, and who leads the charge. Every group has a leader, whether picked or whether chosen by default. Even in the family unit there exists a leadership role which falls upon one person to carry. But how do we measure truly effective leadership? Our world seems to ache for them – or it would seem so when one watches the media and the political ups and downs as leaders come and leaders go. The short term view, and the one most popularly used in our world today is based on monetary results. The person who achieves the greatest success in making a profit is considered a good leader. That’s a good measuring stick if you’re selling hamburgers, cars or apparel, and it has workability. But is it the most embracive criteria? I propose that a truly effective measurement of good leadership is manifested by this simple statement…

Excerpted from a lecture entitled LEADERSHIP – WHAT IS IT? by Réal Laplaine


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