Motivational speaker – why listen to me?

With so many motivational and inspirational speakers around, why listen to me? One word: DIFFERENT.
I don’t try to sound like anyone else. I don’t try to sell you on something. I’m not pushing my ideas or my regimen or a “how to become rich in ten steps”.  If you’re looking for that that type of lecture, don’t invite me to speak at your school or group or company.
But if you want to step outside the box, get a perspective based on fifty years of real-life living, then you’re safe to try me.
You might walk away with something in your life’s-tool-box that you can use to help navigate a more successful life, or company or group, or to bake a better pie. I’m happy if you do.
Failing that, have a cup of coffee, enjoy the talk and get what you can out of it.

For lectures go to:

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