Can anyone be a leader?


I call this talk, Kamikaze Leaders, but don’t mistake the title for the content. This is one of my signature motivational talks on the subject of leadership. Naturally, to understand what is good leadership and the positive aspects of its development, one must also understand the poor ones, the uninspiring, the ineffective ones and the insanely Kamikaze types. In this lecture I provide some empirical observations about leadership and how we can actually measure it and increase the potential in ALL of us – because I believe that inherently, we all possess the elements of becoming leaders in our own right.

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2 thoughts on “Can anyone be a leader?

  1. Great words!

    I believe leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

    If that is true and it is also true that EVERYTHING rises and falls on leadership, then we need to rise to the occasion, lead by example with great conviction and vision and communicate that vision with passion to those we hope to influence.

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