Who should be President of the United States?

Throughout its history, America has pervaded the world with two very important and significant cultural elements. First, it declared itself to be a nation of free people where unilateral rights to speech, religion and life could be practiced by all. That message infused the world and has changed it and to the degree that America maintains that position, it will continue to change the world for the better. Secondly, it became a center for the development of new science, technology and innovation and it exported that knowledge to the world. These are the elements which built this nation. They are still the elements which will keep it on-track, providing the right persons are at the helm of this ship.

Some points I offer in evaluating WHO to elect to Presidential status in 2012.

Historically speaking, it takes longer than four years, or one term in office as the President, to turn any country around. George W. Bush managed to push America to the brink and it took him eight years to accomplish that feat. When he stepped from office, he left America in its worst financial and economic state since the post-depression era. Obama can be accused of not having turned it around sufficiently in his four year term, but I challenge any man, or woman, or any group, to accomplish that feat in just four years, considering the depth to which the nation had been cast by his predecessor.

America is not worse off today as a result of Obama’s four year term, it is merely still on the road to recovery. The job of bringing this nation back to health is a long and arduous one, because the playing field and the rules are now markedly different than they were even a decade before. It is still reeling from a sub-prime mortgage bust five years ago, which toppled the economy. It is also suffering from a titanic shift in its entire retail and manufacturing infrastructure, whereby much or most of the process is now outsourced to China and other nations. Because of these and other changes, it requires that whoever helms this ship goes about injecting a higher level of brilliance into the nation with which to generate more innovation, more technology and more developments which can be exported to the whole world. I lived and worked in America for over thirty years and now, as I sit abroad, it is even more evident to me how much the American culture has pervaded the world. Practically every hand one sees is carrying a Smart Phone or iPhone. I know of no household that does not have a Personal Computer (PC) or laptop or iPad. These cultural innovations sprang out from America and throughout its history, THIS type of technological innovation is what has made America a great nation. That combined with its stand on freedom and unilateral rights for all men and women of any creed, religion or ethnic.

I don’t think that America can vote on a premise of who will turn the country around in one term, because those days are gone. The job requires someone who will stay the course, while building on development, innovation, technology and the future, not more wars or the machinations of men dreaming up conflicts to justify such.

The choice has to be made based on a LONG term view, not the short-term platform promises of either candidate, because this is a long-haul back up the ladder for America.

Réal Laplaine is an author and motivational speaker.

www.reallaplaine.com              www.reallaplaine-lectures.com


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