Sales TIPS for European companies, by motivational speaker Réal Laplaine

In this unique talk, I cover the process of selling, in what I call the NO-YES formula, or in other words, how to deal with that fateful word which haunts sales people – NO.

Before recently relocating to Europe (Sweden) where I write and do motivational talks, I spent over thirty years plying the byroads of America in the HR, Staffing & Recruiting industry, as well as in sales. During that time I also provided motivational talks and training seminars on sales and recruitment. My talk on NO-YES, lays out certain mechanics behind the sales process, elucidating the steps that both the sales person and the prospective client are experiencing and how, through a better understanding of this, the sales person can achieve better success.  By understanding the nature of what is happening inside the mind of the client and the sales person as the sales negotiation proceeds, one can actually stay focused, have greater persistence in the face of what appears to be a negative reaction and can achieve greater success in sales.  The NO can then become a YES!

For more information on my motivational and sales talks, please visit my website at  or contact me at or +46 (0) 720 494 799


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