Success versus failure – a motivational talk by Réal Laplaine


Why does it worry us?

This motivational and inspiration talk  illustrates the mechanics behind failure and why it is that when we set out on a dream or objective, we sometimes, or often times, find ourselves faced with the fear of failure.

Everyone experiences failure or the fear of failure in their lives. By better understanding it, one can deal with it and move on with greater success in anything.

There is no running away from this subject. And any successful person in life will tell you the same, if you understand it, if you can face up to the ghosts, they can never haunt you.

Talks are provided to companies, groups; any venues, large or small.

For information or to book a talk please go to my contact page at where you will also find information about my other signature talks on the subject of sales, goal achievement, leadership and character assassination – or how to avoid the pitfalls of societal bear traps.


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