Great people – what they are NOT

We can place a lot of qualities on great people, both in our contemporary time and through history.

But there is one thing which defines the truly great ones. It has nothing to do with social status, leadership, their contributions, or otherwise.

Truly great people share one thing in common – they do not hate others, they tolerate and grant that everyone has the same rights to life as they do.

The road to greatness is paved with understanding, not hate. The road to misery is always layered with overt or hidden detestation for others who share in humanity.

The unequivocally great people in our world, the mothers, doctors, leaders, teachers, and people of every walk of life, they know this inherently – hate is the quintessential element which will shrink a man or a woman faster than anything, because it defies the inherent nature within all of us.  We are not animals and we were not spawned by chemical reactions making us just “spontaneous” things – no matter what “theories” are advocated. We are the dynamic life which imbues life into everything around us and that includes granting life to every other man and woman too.

So when you see someone espousing hate – remind them where that roads leads. Because no matter how it is justified, no matter how it is coated or conjugated, hate is hate and while it may be used to pierce the hearts of others, it always turns on its owner and pierces them in their very soul.

Réal Laplaine is an internationally published author and motivational speaker.


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