Mediocrity – your biggest enemy to success

Unfortunately, the nature of the beast, that is, the culture in which we grow up, has mediocrity as its goal. The factors which generally influence our growth, education and the accepted goals of living the dream of money, family and such, imbibe us from our earliest years into an accepted attitude of conformity. Generally speaking, this mediocrity does not inspire greatness nor taking the leap of faith towards one’s highest goals or dreams. Our culture inculcates us with the “safe” road, the known and paved one.

I am not saying that this is necessarily bad because obviously without some uniformity and conformity there would be no civilization. However, if one blindly follows the mantra of get educated, find a career, get married, have kids and save for one’s retirement as the ultimate “dream” – then one is likely to be disappointed. Not that any of those things are wrong, but it certainly follows the mandate of mediocrity.

I would challenge that “ideal” if I were you.

I know that people around you and with the best of interests in your welfare, will remind you to take the road that leads to money, but money isn’t a dream, it is an expediency.

I have a better idea for you.

If I were to ask you this question… “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what dream would you pursue which in spite of the odds would make your life fulfilled?”

And guess what, THAT’s the apple you should be going after in your life because that’s the one that will test you, that will force you out of your comfort zone. That’s the one that will make you feel challenged and at the end of your life it will also be the one that you can proudly say you fought to get.

Look, you’ll survive. You might even get rich doing it, but you’ll certainly feel happier than living the compromise, the mediocrity.

I believe that any achiever, whether in sports, the arts, any workplace, the humanities, politics or just day to day living, will agree – if you take your ticket to mediocrity then your life will be just that. Instead, take the leap, follow your goals and don’t necessarily take the easy road – take the one that parallels you.

And that’s a good thing for all of us, because if the world were full of people reaching for their own personal stars and not accepting the “game of life” being fed to them, our world would be a far better place, with fewer victimized people and a hell of a lot more games to play.

Based on the lecture CHARACTER ASSASSINATION by Réal Laplaine


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