Self Respect – the first step to success!

Webster’s Dictionary defines a wannabe as – a person who wants or aspires to be someone or something else or who tries to look or act like someone else.

There is a difference between having a role model, a hero or someone who has inspired one. We all have our heroes and they play an essential role in our lives.

But a wannabe is someone who is trying to be LIKE someone else and this is a cultural aberration because there is no better person to be like, than oneself.

Your true power always comes from within. It is a matter of tapping into it and one of the first doors you must pass through is self-respect and self-confidence. If you don’t trust yourself, you will never succeed in life. If you don’t respect yourself, you will waver from making important decisions about your life, you will look for someone else as a crutch and in the end, you will simply degrade yourself.

To get anywhere in life, you have to trust your own feet and your own sense of right and wrong.  I am not saying that interaction and team play is bad – that is a natural part of the symbiotic relationships that make a society work.

BUT there is a precise and EXACT point where self-determinism and dependency become freedom and slavery. That threshold is demarcated by a line drawn in the sand called SELF-RESPECT. If you question yourself, if you doubt your decisions, if you are afraid of following your dreams, then you lack self-respect and that is a dangerous tightrope to walk. If you fall one way, you throw yourself into the wind of humanity and you hope that others will help you put it right. If you fall the other way, you are in known territory called SELF-DETERMINISM. To be self-determined you have to respect and trust YOU. You don’t need an ounce of trust or respect or admiration from another single human being – that is NOT part of the formula.

Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Respect yourself.  And that’s no guarantee that you are going to walk a road paved with honey and gold. But if you stay on that course, you are more likely to find the road you want.

Based on the Lecture entitled FAILURE, WHY DOES IT WORRY US? by Réal Laplaine


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