Who inspired you?


Who inspired you?

Sometimes, given the pace of our lives, it helps to stand back from the fray and take a moment with yourself and ask, who inspired me? And what do I stand for? What are my values?

Even though now, I try to inspire others with what I have learned, through my experiences and my adventures up and down the ladder of life, there have been some influential people in my life.

Walt Disney for instance, was like a god to me when I was a young boy. He was living proof that a man could dream anything and make it happen.

John F. Kennedy, then President of the United States of America inspired me, even as a young boy. Because his words were not empty and he actually did what he said. He was a new visionary for the world and for dreamers, such as myself.

Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull – a book which suggested that our potentials were so much greater than what we were being led to believe and who helped to open my eyes to the bigger picture.

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon and a role model for pushing the envelope.

Ron Hubbard, a philosopher who could think outside the box and revealed new horizons for human thought.

My 6th grade teacher who waved a magic wand in my direction and under whom I excelled.

In my motivational talks you will not hear the words “think positively” or other similar words. You will not be told to stand up and clap or say something energizing to the man or woman next to you. You will not hear me speak about how to make millions or becoming rich.

I simply do not believe that is the way to motivate people. I believe that true motivation comes from knowing TRUTH, which is a solid platform on which any man or woman can build.

What you will hear from me as a common denominator is manning-up to life. Confronting the realities of how to navigate a playing field which has been carefully rigged with minefields and the means of making you compromise your goals, your dreams and your integrity.

You will hear about hope, dreams and staying true to YOURSELF.

You will hear about leadership and the measuring stick for how to gauge a person’s value in our groups, companies and nations in a leadership role.

You will also get some different perspectives on elements of our society which I like to signpost so that people are aware of them and can stay focused on their dreams.

What our generation passes down to the next generation is not just technology, it is KNOWLEDGE.

I believe that people should be educated, because knowledge is power and the fastest way to make slaves out of people is to dumb them down. And while I am all for advanced technology, the internet, smart phones etc. I hold to the idea that one must read and one must stretch their learning curve so as not to become the product of a generational “standard” with a limited knowledge of the world and of life.

I believe that a person should be singularly responsible for his or her own life; that he or she should not lay the blame for any shortcomings on the doorsteps of their parents or others; and that he or she should not slavishly listen to what other people say or think or even what they have been taught to think.

I believe that the true power of an individual comes from within themselves and NOT from outside and that one must stretch the envelope, think outside the box, to really win at this game called life.

My talks are not philosophical in nature. They are based on reality, what I have seen to be true and what I have experienced.

As an author, I write on a similar platform, even though largely in the fictional and literary fiction genres, my books reflect the realities of good versus bad, integrity versus compromise, trust, honour and the the harmonics of these virtues, both positive and negative. And I believe in the good guys; and even though my stories sometimes go down some very dark alleys and roads – the good guys come out on top – somehow.



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