The truth about life


Here is the bottom line about life – the absolute, incontestable, irrepressible and undeniable truth, whether you agree with it or not, it’s a fact, just like gravity is a fact, the air around us is a fact etc.

It’s all on you!

If you think you have to have other people to give you approval, to like you, to support you, in order for you to be happy and to accomplish your goals – it’s not true.

If you think you need to be shackled to some belief system, tied down to some ideology, then you’re wrong.

Look – you can be any religious or ideological system that you want to be, just don’t buy into the idea that you NEED them in order to be YOU. This is not a statement against religion – it’s just a fact.

You are YOU, whether you are black, white, purple, Christian, Muslim, a manager at McDonalds, a school teacher or a truck driver somewhere.

You are YOU. You are not your skin, your brains (even though pharmaceutical companies and mental practitioners would have you believe otherwise). You are not your car, your house, or even your kids.

What makes us different from EVERYTHING else in this entire universe is that we have the ability to be utterly and completely INDEPENDENT. We have the power of choice to say no or yes to ANYTHING. Rocks can’t do that. Cats and dogs and other plant life cannot. But we can. We can say, “I’m going to be the first damn human to land on the planet Mars”, and even if no one believes us, we can still make it happen.

We can say to the world or just to ourselves, I’m going to be a successful author and write until the day I die – and then do it. You might live on peanut butter and bread and two cups of coffee for five years before you sell a single book – but who cares, you did it, and it was all on you. And the beautiful thing about that is when you accept TOTAL responsibility for your existence and you never lay the blame for anything at the feet of another soul, then you are going to be a happy man or woman because you will never regret living YOUR life; because it was YOUR life, your decisions, your road, good or bad.

The point is this. We are not the world around us. All of this manifestation, all of this beauty, and steel and sky and trees and other people – well, that’s not you. That is just a playing field, a big damn chess board with lots and lots of players on it. Many of whom have forgotten that they are players and think that “they must begrudgingly survive” and that it is “so tough” and “so hard”.

Oh come on… please. Life is not that complex. What makes it complex is the very idea that you think that all that confusion out there, all that structure, all that activity, is you, and it’s not. You are simple. You are dynamic. You are alive and you are completely capable of operating without all these chains and constrictions.

I am not making a statement here about going off with irresponsible abandon. Obviously, we do live in a world of cooperative engagement. We work with people, we live with people, some of us are married with kids – so to one degree or another we are all involved with humanity.

But there is a BIG and VAST difference between recognizing that you are playing a game or that you are fixed and stuck in the game with no choices. The later is not true. If you look at this world as a big game board, and keep that perspective, that ability to say, “nah, I’m going right, not left” then you will have fun with it and you will enjoy it. If you just follow the prescribed channels, play it by the rules and never exert yourself in the direction of what YOU want to do – then you might retire with a good pension, but you will have missed out on discovering your potentials.


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