You do make a difference…


There are many evaluations and interpretations of human ability, to wit, our ability to think and to reason, which sets us above all other forms of life in terms of potentiality.

But in my fifty plus years of travels and searching and living, I have come to the conclusion that our greatest and most pervasive quality is our ability to grant life to people and to the world.

By that I mean, in a very godlike fashion, that each of us, to one degree or another, instills or imbues life into people and the world around us. This isn’t an ethereal or airy thing – it is WHAT we DO when we are being ourselves.

A mother’s smile both encourages and calms us.  Our teacher’s words, sometimes critical but most often an attempt to show us the right ways, imbues us with a sense of motivation. Our friends, whose empathy, friendship, support and empowerment, helps to spur us forward.

The leader who fashions words and rhetorical speeches, all too often labelled as ‘fake’, are in their way, trying to inspire, trying to lead and whether right or wrong, they compel us to act.

The artist who paints, or sings a song, inspires us in a timeless fashion.

Everywhere one looks, people are breathing life into others and the things around them.

Our greatest ability is not in fact our relative intelligence when measured against other living things, but rather, it is our ability to grant life to the world, to breathe animation into it, to inspire, to compel creativity and dreams and goals.

One doesn’t have to be rich or famous or approved by anyone or the general masses in order to use this innate and wonderful ability. It is there. It never dies, but sometimes it is forgotten.

Step out into a beautiful sunlit day, admire the sky, the flowers, the trees, the people and remind oneself that you play a role in making it that way.

I have said this before and it behoves me to comment on it again, that no one hands us a manual of life when we are born to this world which explains our abilities, our potentials and who we are. But one is on fairly certain ground if one takes the upper hand and animates the world with more life, more dynamic, more of YOU.

That is a bottomless well, a resource that can never disappear or become scarce, and the more you do it, the bigger one seems to get.

The road to happiness isn’t how many cars, houses and bank accounts one possesses. It is the realization that you can wave a magic wand and grace the world with MORE life – and that it isn’t up to anyone else to do but you.

– Réal Laplaine is an inspirational speaker and author. For more information visit his website at  and


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