YOU are your best advisor


It took me many years to come to this realization, that no one knows you better than yourself.

I know, that sounds terribly simplistic, but it isn’t. Because in fact, our cultural zeitgeist (general outlook or attitude) imbues us with this idea that others may know better, what is best for us.

I can say, quite emphatically, that is not true. Yes, others can offer knowledge, opportunities, education, and more, but no one will ever know you better than YOU.

You live with yourself 24-7. You know what’s in those corners, what’s behind closed doors, but more importantly, you know what you know.

It’s easy to buy into other people’s ideas, especially people whom we admire or we listen to, people who are opinion-leaders for us, so to speak, but the ability to think for oneself, to know right from wrong, to have an innate cognizance about what roads to travel, that comes from within, and if you listen to your deepest sense – you can’t really go wrong.

If you feel the need to crutch yourself to other people, then just call it for what it is – fear.

There are many philosophies and practices which dictate this or that road or approach, and they are useful as long as one does not forget that it is YOUR life and you know best what is right for you, not anyone else. Remember that, because if you want to self-empower, if you want maintain self-confidence and your integrity, don’t ever sell yourself short and don’t let anyone ever tell you that they know better what is right for you or how you should think.

The basic personality and the innate qualities which makes each of us unique and individual, do not ever change nor do they disappear. They can be submerged, they can be confused or obscured, but when you push aside all the stuff that you let into your head, and just start thinking for yourself and aggrandizing your most quintessential core values and beliefs, you will empower the most important thing in your world – YOU!


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