Slavery isn’t inherent


No one is actually born a slave. Every man, every woman, is born with the same inalienable rights of freedom, and thereafter, it is their choices which makes them a slave or not.

Let’s take a very real example of modern day slavery; North Korea. A Stalinistic state, essentially a military government run by one man, under the mantle of some ideological mix of communism and Kim Jong-ism.  And with millions of people supporting a megalomaniac who parades in front of the world, flaunting his military strength and nuclear warheads as his calling card? Where have we seen that before?

Kim Jong-un, the “leader” of North Korea, is working millions of people to create his “super power”. He has them polishing his bombs and sweeping dust motes from his public forums where he can put on spectacles of military might for the world to see. And these people are happily supporting this man?

Do we just assume that the North Korean people are so degraded, so cowed by this one tiny figure of a man and who hides behind a military machine, that they can do nothing about it and must throw flowers at his feet and chant mantras about his greatness?

Are they held in a state of fear and terror that if they should do anything but toe the line according to Jungism, that they will be punished or die?

Or is it something else?

Of course, in any military or fascist regime, fear and threat ARE the tools used to leverage people into chanting the party line. Hitler did it and he enforced “loyalty” from the German people using his SS and internal police.

But there is another factor. When a people are convinced that they do not have choices in life, this eventually imbues them with a slave-like mind and it is that mindset which it makes it difficult for them to break the chains which now hold them. The minute that a man or a woman discovers that THEY have freedom of choice, they will then fight to the death to achieve that freedom. Witness the people of Syria today, who have decided that the current regime has seen its day and they no longer want the limitations imposed upon them by the “elite” minority of Syrian ruling powers.

In 1776, the American colonists declared their independence from the British Empire, an oppressive regime at that time. By doing so, they declared that they were no longer slavishly loyal to the “crown” and that they were a FREE people.  They fought a war for eight years, and they won and as a result they raised the bar on freedom and democracy for the whole world.

Many nations have followed that same path. But it always starts first with a handful of people who decide that they have the rights of free people and that they have a free mind and will, and as such, they start to empower others with this native and god-given liberty and soon, the walls of oppression are crumbling down.

Earth has seen its share of oppressive and tyrannical regimes for thousands of years now. But, the winds of change are upon us. The age of dictators is coming to an end. The world’s population is waking up to the fact that they have inherent and irrefutable rights, rights which cannot be denied them and they are demanding those rights. Only in nations where the population has been kept ignorant of such inalienable liberties, where the curtain of obscurity has been drawn across their lives, can they remain slaves and live by the code of a slave-like mind.

Every person on this earth is born with the same undeniable rights to think freely, to live freely and to be FREE. The slate which then overwrites these liberties, and the people who scribe such nonsense, such as Kim Jong-nu and his predecessors through history, are just charlatans selling a false medicine to people, first by convincing them that they are sick, and then in telling them to buy their version of medicine.

People ARE born free and thereafter, if they are slaves and if they act with a slave-mind as opposed to a free-mind, then they have allowed that to happen to themselves.

I know that psychiatrists and other mental health practitioners love to put a label on every malady that can afflict a person, including drawing out every terrible and traumatic incident in a person’s life, with maudlin teary-eyed histrionics, but the truth is this, there is nothing that can stick to a man or a woman that they haven’t first decided should stick to them.

Case in point. Two soldiers walk into a battle field. One shoots to kill, survives a vicious ordeal and comes out alive, even if injured. He returns home after the war and gets on with life – not traumatized. The man next to him goes through the same battle, comes home traumatized, depressed, manic, turns to alcohol, can’t keep his life together. I’m not saying that the ordeal wasn’t violent or upsetting – the difference is how we chose to let things affect our lives and no matter what happens to one, no matter what one’s circumstances are, it is still one’s choice and no one else, whether to be a victim or to get on with life.

For our civilization to advance, and to continue to higher levels where all people can actually live in peace and where we can achieve to new horizons, travel to new worlds, meet other cultures along the way, the days of a slavish-mind-set have to end.

I’m not challenging anyone’s right to be a slave or a victim – that of course is entirely up to the individual. But if you think are, and you don’t want to be, then DON’T.

Slavery needs to be abolished, and if everyone decided to exercise their rights to free will, a free mind and inherent freedom, there wouldn’t be a dictator in the world that could manipulate the human race. And that would make the best democracy in the history of our world.

Freedom isn’t achieved by crushing regimes. It is achieved by DECIDING to be free and making that same freedom possible for everyone else, and on that platform of truth, there isn’t a brick wall on earth that can stop it from happening.

Thomas Jefferson said it best:

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

 Réal Laplaine is a motivational speaker and author.


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