Don’t become a doormat – TIP for success in life


Here is solid advice for leading a happier and more successful life:

Don’t bow down to any man.

I have learned by my errors that to do so, to lessen oneself or to subjugate one’s values, one’s principles and most importantly, one’s dreams, as secondary to that of others, is the biggest mistake one can ever make – because ALL the power and potential that you will ever discover in this life comes from within YOU.

It’s a hard lesson to learn because you think that other people know better when it comes to YOUR life – but they don’t. Sure, if you want to be a pilot, you have to be willing to learn from others who know the skill. Others can offer you great knowledge, skills, show you opportunities and even provide help, companionship and support – but draw the line there, because when it comes to WHO you listen to first and foremost, make sure it is YOU. Don’t subjugate yourself or your innate sense of what is right for you. The minute you do that you become a slave to someone or to some dogma, ideology, religion or corporation.

You live with yourself 24-7. You know what you know, you know what you feel, what you sense is right and wrong, and one of your greatest abilities is and always will be, your innate cognizance or what most people refer to as intuition.

You know a lot more than you may think and what you don’t know, your intuitive senses can come to the rescue. By this I don’t mean teaming up with pack-mentality or “conventional mediocrity” – intuition is not the average or sum of what everyone else thinks is acceptable; it’s what your inner soul is telling you.

It takes courage to listen to YOU and to stay true to you. It’s easier sometimes, even cowardly, to just follow the pack.

There’s nothing wrong with working for others, following good leaders, fitting oneself into the hierarchy of our culture and being a team player. We need that to keep the wheels turning in our society. As long as you remember that you’re playing a game and that you don’t abdicate YOUR sole right to the throne of your life. When you give that away, you lose your self-respect and personal esteem and that starts you on the road down.

Doormats are good for wiping feet.

Stand on your own two legs, follow your dreams, be true to yourself first and foremost, because then you can be true to others. If you do that, you will find that interacting successfully with others is much easier and that you are bound for a productive and happy life.

Good leaders, executives and managers of groups, companies and nations value this quality in people, because it is the matrix for innitiative, integrity, good workmanship and loyalty. It doesn’t make for good slaves, but then again, any leader that relies on slavish-mentality is not worth two-cents anyhow.


By all means, learn from others, accept and seek-out knowledge, keep an open mind and look outside the box, challenge dogma, question ideologies while still being tolerant of other people’s rights and beliefs – but don’t bow down for anyone, except to tie your own shoes.

Réal Laplaine is an author and motivational speaker. Details at


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