Bad news!

bad news

Listening to the general media, one might get the idea that the world is a very dangerous place; with criminals and terrorists waiting on every other corner.

I would like to give this perspective another spin, for your consideration.

In spite of the proclivity of mainstream media, which tends to report mostly bad news and not good news, the world is NOT a bad or dangerous place. In fact, there is more good news happening in our world every day than in a thousand million days of bad news – that’s the truth.

Statistically speaking, the majority of people in our world are GOOD and these people are committing acts of GOOD every single day; from doctors to teachers, truck drivers, mothers and fathers, the engineer who makes sure you get fresh water, the soldier who protects your borders and on and on. Only a very small minority, probably less than 3%, of humanity, fall into the bracket of hard-core criminals, and in that includes the terrorists, the psychopaths, the murderers, the child abusers, thieves, tyrants and bankers.

In addition to that 3% is another percentile of people, those who are associated with the criminally-minded minority, and who, through relationships, marriage, business alliances, political connections or misbegotten friendships, are badly influenced by the criminal ilk, and who in-turn, commit or get involved in corruption and criminal activities – but they are collateral damage, they are not the true criminals.

There is a rule of thumb which I have learned in my career working with people, a means of roughly spotting a true and hardened criminal; and not someone who merely slipped or deviated from the moral or ethical road, because anyone can make that mistake. A true criminal CANNOT produce a consistently exchangeable product or service that is acceptable to another human being. Real criminals don’t work – they steal, they manipulate, they coerce or extort, or they simply try to take what is not theirs – like bankers. They do not produce things which other people would find worthy of expending their hard-earned dollars to buy. The true criminal cannot produce, he or she can only host off the production of OTHERS, and that is why they are a criminal. Their very mentality is based on on the obsessive compulsion and sense of self-entitlement that others should support them, without the faintest concept that they should give anything back in return.

So if you want to spot a true criminal in your midst, if there is one, it will be the person who hides behind the work of others, who manipulates, cows, uses fear and extortive techniques to TAKE, but who never really gives anything of value back to society.

This minority is the only truly dangerous element in our society. The majority of people you see walking the streets are social people, not necessarily perfect, but they are trying to live peacefully with the rest of humanity. Only the criminal wants a world where they are the masters and everyone else works on their behalf – and there you have the dictators, the greedy bankers, the thieves, the gang-banger, the rapist, the druggie who expects society to support his or her addiction at the cost of the tax payers.

The world is not a dangerous place. In spite of what the media is saying, or any political or vested group which is attempting to portray our world as a threatening environment, where people must be cloaked in guarded watchfulness and ensconced by more laws and security cameras “to protect” one and all.

In truth, the real criminal is the only person who truly believes that the world is a dangerous place – because if he or she were exposed, they could not continue with their decrepit and corrupt behaviour, so to them, a safe and peaceful world is a relative nightmare to live in.

Next time you feel bad after hearing bad news, realize that probably over 90% of the rest of the world is on your side and don’t let the minority (the criminals) or the media, darken your day. There is more good things happening in our world than all the bad news the media will ever tell you, otherwise, the world wouldn’t still be here, would it?

Réal Laplaine is an author and speaker.


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