Human trafficking – what can you do about it?



I recently spoke at two forums, about human trafficking and my book SEE ME NOT, and in each case, the audience was extremely receptive and interested in the subject of human trafficking, and in fact, what could be done about it.

One man posed a very honest question – he said, that in his day to day life, he never gets exposed to any circumstances or evidence of trafficking, so what can he possibly do about it?  The only answer that made sense to me was that he, and people like him, can talk about the issue, raise the general awareness by spotlighting it and passing along information.

Before writing SEE ME NOT, no one within my circle of friends or associates ever spoke about the subject, and in fact, it wasn’t until I started writing the book and telling people about the facts of sex-trafficking as a global issue, did it start to spark an awareness in the people that I knew. No doubt, they have gone on to talk to others about it, now themselves more empowered by the knowledge and facts of what they learned, and others speak to others, and so goes the domino-effect.

There is a term called “six degrees of separation”, in a theoretical sense it means, that between you and any other person on this planet, are six other people. If you speak to one person about trafficking, it can, in theory, reach the President of the European Union, or the brother of some trafficker in South America, both ends of the spectrum. And either way, it will cause a ripple-effect.

Only by exposing this atrocity, which happens behind closed doors and in dark corners of our world, will we be able to spotlight the criminals and eventually take them down.

Those twenty-five plus million people who are trafficked each year, that is, women and young girls and boys largely, who are extorted, kidnapped, bought, or simply forced into a life of sexual slavery, could be someone you know, or the brother or sister of a friend, or maybe, even closer than you would wish.

I will be speaking this month at an adult college here in Sweden, to students and faculty of that college, on this same subject. If you are in the area, drop by. I am sure the college will have no issue with the matter, because the more people who know about it, the faster it will get resolved.

See me NOT - 2nd edition cover (May 2013)

Réal Laplaine will be speaking at June Folkhogskola (an adult education center) in Jönköping (Sweden) on 20th of May 2013 regarding human trafficking and his book SEE ME NOT. 10:30 am till 12:00 pm

For information about talks by Réal Laplaine please visit his website at

For information about his books, please visit


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