The Learning Culture


An article by speaker and author Réal Laplaine

After spending many years running about the world, training, lecturing recruiters and staffers from America, to the UK and Europe and Canada and back, I came to realize the value of speaking to groups of people.

I believe that speakers play a vital role in helping in the process of bringing life to ideas, new concepts, old principles et al. We need them to animate and dimensionalize the billions of synapses sparking between our ear lobes.

In today’s world, knowledge has become largely transparent. The internet, thank god, has pulled back curtains, connected the dots, and given every man, woman and child, the ability to delve.

However, that said, speakers such as myself, help to bring focus to needful or important issues, because not all apples are equal to all apples, just as one idea or concept or principle is not of the same importance as another.

How do you navigate life, how do you lead other people, what underlies our historical proclivity towards war, violence and discrimination, etc? These are important issues, because if you are going to attend a talk – which platform is more important for you; how to brush your teeth or how to follow your dreams without compromise?

I recently spoke at an adult college here in Sweden on the subject of human trafficking, one of a number of talks which I provide. I was impressed with THEM, in fact, because there is nothing like looking into the eyes of an audience and seeing that quintessential spark, that animation that comes with minds which are engaged in the process.

An idea is powerful, more powerful than all the bombs in the nuclear arsenals of the world combined. An idea can reach BILLIONS of people, overnight. An idea can penetrate any walls, as we witnessed in recent decades with the fall of communism, the infiltration of free will, free speech and human rights which are slowly eroding the fascist, the tyrannical and the oppressive ramparts of Jurassic ideologies which have existed.

Speakers are an important part of the learning culture.

Just like the actor who breathes life into a role, speakers plant seeds, they disseminate knowledge, they enhance our clarity, erudition and our dreams – and they help us to keep our visions clearer, to challenge “knowledge, to resist dogma – and to break down the walls of ignorance and to aspire to even higher stars.


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