The Future – what’s yours?


I am often fascinated, as I get glimpses of my own childhood years, how free-minded I was about almost everything. The world was one big spaceship, travelling through an endless void to new lands; a simple pencil became my jet plane, or a stream of water from the garden hose was suddenly a violent raging river which I eagerly followed as if in some Amazonian jungle adventure..

I know, I have heard it too, when one gets older this state of mind is often referred to as mere “childhood imagination”.

But consider this. In that childhood “imagination” was born our greatest dreams and desires. It was during those years, when we saw no limitations to what we could do or accomplish, where there were no mountains too high to be climbed, when no imposed boundaries had yet become our “guiding light” – those were the years when we set our sights on becoming a rock star, a dancer, a model, a motorcycle racer, an inventor, a truck driver, a doctor, a pilot or even a mother. Those dreams were generally dreamed when we were YOUNG, not later when we had aged, and “matured”.

What the hell is “maturing” anyhow? Think about. One passes through puberty, becomes a developed adult, with dynamics suddenly coursing one’s veins to procreate, urges to get married, have a home and raise children. Ok – that’s fair, those are normal impulses we all experience to one degree or another. But beyond that, the process of “maturing” should not include forfeiting one’s dreams, one’s goals or ones broadest imagination.

The process of living life is not a matter of “growing into life”, it is a process of MAKING life. All the great things we see around us were created by people who had and followed their DREAMS. Even you and I are a dream, a dream that was shared by our parents. Things don’t “just happen” in our world, they are made to happen. That concept is sometimes lost in the “grand” scheme of things which surrounds us all.

Anyone who tries to classify childhood illusion and fantasy as just “overrated imagination” has lost their grip on the quintessential quality which makes each of us who and what we are, and the very reason why we transcend the rocks and trees and all the physical world around us – we have the power of choice.

If you see the future as a dark or dismal thing, then you are drawing your life in that direction.

If you are trying “to prevent” bad things from happening, are worried and anxious about your future, then that’s the road you are creating for yourself – anxiety. You don’t need pills to resolve that stress – you need a good dose of dreams, and you need to shove-off and start following them and LIVING life.

I used to think that there was something called the “future” and the “present”. The truth is that every second you live, one to the next, is the present-to-the-future. It happens so fast that it is like a coin flipping at the speed of light – one side is now and the other side is the future.

Every step you take NOW, is part of a journey to some goal, and if it is a goal of your choosing, then it is a journey which will challenge you and satisfy you too.

Contrary to the “conventionalists”, the “let’s-be-practical-club” and the “make-a-lot-of-money-and-be-a-success-society” – true happiness comes from fulfilling one’s innermost dreams, not the mediocrity of chasing after the proverbial buck – unless of course that is your goal. But I would challenge such a goal, because “making money” and “success as measured by one’s bank account” are parameters set by society, a sort of group mentality. If you buy into it, and forget about your dreams, then you become a piece in a system, and you lose yourself to that degree.

Stay true to your dreams – because that road will probably prove to be the most challenging, and the most fulfilling as well.


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