Millions of slaves are around you…


As unsavoury a subject as human trafficking is, we all wake up every morning, take our coffee and get on with our FREE lives, while around us, there are millions of people, mostly women, teenagers and children, who do not have that basic right, and who are at this moment forced into a life of human slavery, largely for sex. The estimates are some 25 million people currently held in slavery around the world, roughly three times the size of Sweden’s population (where I live) or New York City and Los Angeles – two of the largest cities in the world, combined together.

Everyone of us can do something about this horror. There is power in knowledge alone and by making more and more people aware of this situation, it can eventually be confronted.

My book SEE ME NOT, was written to spotlight this very situation. Read it – pass it along to someone else and tell them to read it. It will create a domino effect and will help raise awareness. Put a copy of the book in your local library. Get copies into your company reading areas. Part of the sales goes to RealStars – a European NGO campaigning for laws to end trafficking in our world.

See me NOT - 2nd edition cover (May 2013)

Reader Review…

“We (my company) are too sponsoring Christel House which is a World Wide organization for orphans to get schooling and high level education so they don’t end up on the street or being trafficked. I did this inspired by your book, so thank you for that and keep up the good work of getting word around.” Dhyana S. – Mexico City

Watch the VIDEO HERE




Réal Laplaine is an author and speaker and activist for human rights. He has recently been invited to speak at the EU Anti-Trafficking Day in Stockholm and the International Women’s Day forum here in Gothenburg.


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