Is your DNA crazy?


I warn you – Don’t take this article seriously. Just laugh about it, because the subject matter is, as far as I am concerned, laughable; although this won’t make me particularly popular in the eyes of the psychiatric community nor their backers, “big-pharma” – the drug companies.

If you didn’t know, the psychiatric community along with big-pharma, are “pushing research forward” to try and prove that mental illness, which includes criminality by the way, are the result of your DNA. So in effect, if your great great great grandfather had a paranoia, then according to their theories, you have a good chance of getting it. Similarly, if some ancestor on your family lineage was a murderer, then you too have a DNA code as a murderer. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? It is not.

Unfortunately, with enough marketing and by paying off some very learned authorities in universities and elsewhere, to write papers and books which “corroborate” the theory, people start buying this stuff just because some test-tube bunny dreamed it up.

I am not a specialist with twenty years of degrees in the mental illness field, but I see a few major loopholes in this theory, which they are working very hard at proving with all sorts of research and clinical tests.  It’s just not true – and I’ll tell you why it isn’t true, because people are individuals, with their own minds. My mind has NOTHING to do with my great great grandfather, or my father for that matter. Just because his DNA runs in my bones, doesn’t for one second determine how I think about things or how I react. We are entirely different people, and that goes for everyone.

One has to keep in mind that to a very large degree, the basis of psychiatry is Freudian mentality – whom they latched onto with avid enthusiasm, because Freudian theory on evolution paralleled their objectives – to prove that man evolved from mud, that his brain is the source of all his or her emotions and thought processes, and that by simply fiddling with the neurons and synapses, and keeping people high on copious combinations of mood-altering drugs, they can control behaviour.

Ok, this is where the penny drops. It doesn’t work. Sure, take a green pill and it numbs your brain, depresses you or brings you up – that’s the effect of a drug. It has nothing to do with your neural synapses, other than the fact that the drugs deaden and numb those too.

The result of such “clinical research” only provides more corroboration to approval boards, and ultimately, towards putting labels on people so that more drugs can be sold, so that more campaigns can be engaged with which to educate people into the false idea that their DNA code is the source of their problems, and who makes the bucks – big pharma.

But there is another downside to this, and don’t forget to keep laughing because of course none of this is true and it’s all conspiratorial in nature, so just laugh; if I label you with one of many psychiatric labels which exist today, let’s say, OCD – that is Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder, I can give you one drug to “fix” you. Then I can label you with yet another label, such as Morbid Jealousy Disorder, just because you are extremely upset and jealous that your ex-girlfriend, who dumped you, or vice versa, is dating someone else, and then I give you another drug, on and on. Every emotion, every issue can be tagged and drugged.

Did you know that the American Psychiatric Association, a very philanthropic organization by the way (!) has approved over 400 such psychiatric labels, forms of mental illness, for nearly EVERY aspect of human behaviour? The psychiatric institution have found 400 ways to label us as mentally ill, and thereby, pawn-off more drugs from their drug suppliers – ooops, I didn’t mean to infer that psychiatrists were drug dealers… but..

Lastly, and keep laughing, because of course this is so ridiculous that it could never happen, never. Imagine if the clinical studies they are doing are finally authenticated as “accurate”, just about as accurate as the other 400 mental illnesses which these people have catalogued, and with this they initiate testing and start labelling people based on their DNA. ‘Let’s see, this guy is potentially psychotic because his mother had a nervous breakdown once,” or “this one could have hidden obsessions towards crime because his grandfather was once convicted for theft” – get the idea? Suddenly, your information in the police data bases, hospitals, even your eligibility for a job could be affected by a false label appended to you by some “professional”.

I know, it’s laughable and totally ridiculous, but why then is the psychiatric field and the big-pharma (financing it all) working so hard to get DNA coding clinically tested so they can sell this theory to the approval boards, and eventually to schools and police and law enforcement agencies? If it isn’t factual, then the objective must be to sell something – could that possibly be a means of aggrandizing their profits, their control, big pharma’s drug trade?

Thirty years ago, when I grew up, kids in school never heard of ADD or any disorder for that matter, and certainly, we weren’t being told to take Ritalin or some other drug which was supposed to deal with our inability to focus, as if that is actually a mental illness. Last time I checked, the distraction was good looking girls, or possibly, a teacher who simply didn’t engage our interest – but mentally ill? Come-on! And yet, the shrinks and big pharma sold it to one and all, and today, something like 1 in 5 kids are being medicated for “ADHD” – and big pharma is making billions of dollars on it. Oh, and statistically, education standards are dropping, and no one seems to notice that tiny fact, that kids are not learning any better by being drugged.

Their goal is simple, if they can prove their case, and get others to buy into it, then they can start labelling people as ill, or potentially ill, according to their genetic code. Labels can be appended to new-borns at birth, based on their DNA, used to convince their parents to start medicating their kids at an early age. Schools texts can be changed and students start being taught that all their emotional problems (the normal stuff we all deal with eventually) is the result of their DNA, and in order to alter or modify it they must be medicated.

What kind of world will we have in fifty or one-hundred years? One where people no longer think that any of their primal thoughts are their own, nor that impulses or emotions are theirs, but rather, the flick of their DNA, some uncontrollable and inevitable trickery built into them – which of course they cannot control without a pill. What a sad world that would be – and the only happy, and very wealthy ones in such a world, would be sitting in the big pharmaceuticals, peddling their next campaign to keep everyone popping those pills.

Now, if, like me, you did not find this article at all amusing then you still have a mind of your own.

Réal Laplaine is an internationally published author and speaker. For information about his works or talks, please go to or


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