Is World Peace actually possible?

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Several months ago I posted an article entitled Do You Objectify Other People?

That article elucidated on the subject of Objectification, a fancy ten dollar word that really means – to minimize or to treat as less than the true value of.

We see this practice all around us, through history as well as in our contemporary times. Whether it is vocalized or tacitly practiced as a mindset, Objectification is the basis for all conflict and wars in our world.

“He’s a Jew.”  “She’s black.” “They are from ‘that’ neighborhood.” “They are ragheads.” – Just a few of the hundreds of distinctions which people play out in their heads and which are manifested in our activities and decisions.

Discrimination, another word for Objectification, has been the source of more conflicts and battles than can easily be counted. Of course, we can’t dismiss the fact that greed is another important factor which catalyzes nations into war, but generally speaking, even those “elitists” who propagandize for war are usually stirring the soup of dissention between two camps, making it appear that “they”, “those people over there” are the “bad” ones.

To a very large degree, Objectification or Discrimination, or Racism, have become blacklisted, and people who resort to these, are usually thrown under the bus, at least in some areas of the world.

The theme of this article is not new; in fact, many men and women through history have been saying more or less the same thing, couched in different words.

America was founded on unilateral rights – making it, at the time, the “Free World” – whereas Europe and other nations were marginalized by oppressive regimes and “old world” mindset which differentiated between classes of people – making higher classes worthy of far greater benefits than the “mere” folk below them.

But, sadly, Objectification is still being practiced today, whether the words are said or just mentally practiced in closed circles. In many nations, women are looked upon as second-rate citizens. In one of our most populous countries, caste distinction is still practiced, relegating human beings as below the status of a cow, mere trash. But even more omnipresent is the vast distinctions between the poor and the wealthy in our world – with some relative factor of nearly 90% of the world’s wealth, controlled or in the hands of less than 2% of its population.

I could go on, but I would hate to press anyone’s buttons on this matter.

The point is this, if we want world peace, we must end the distinctions – the perceived differences in terms of our humanity. I am not suggesting “welfarism” or socialism or any other “ism” as those are tragically and pathetically doomed to failure; and this is not a comment on economic ideologies – this is thematically about how we view other people.

I am also not suggesting for one second that ethnic or cultural values should be discarded; no one wants an Earth with one culture and a McDonalds on every corner. Cultural distinctions give us spice and color in our world.

But the Objectification of a man or woman, classifying them, whether stated or not, as less than oneself, minimizing them in any way, IS discrimination, and it is the basic cause behind conflict, hate and war.

Again, I will qualify that statement with the condition that wars are also brought about by pure greed, land-snatchers or international bankers trying to aggrandize their profits by bringing whole nations to their knees, etc.

Many people around the world are working to equalize the playing field – and every ripple in that direction, will help us to create a calm ocean of humanity.

We must work towards eliminating any sense of differentiation between ourselves and others.

On that day when we can look into the eyes of any man or woman and see but another human being, another soul, JUST like ourselves, with no concept of minimization, then on that day, there will be no need for conflict, hatred, war or killing in the name of “justifiable cause”.

So when you see someone standing on the soapbox, political or otherwise, drumming up an emotional wall of hatred towards some faction of humanity, trying to minimize another people, then please realize that person is the true enemy.

People are people – everywhere. Whether their skin is fifteen hues or shades different than your own, whether they believe in one God, twelve gods, or space aliens – they are people with exactly the same rights as you perceive yourself to possess.

Treat everyone with that respect, be a good example of the human being that you want the rest of the world to be like – and someday, when all those ripples come together, we will have that world peace.

In such a world, the war-monger, the greedy banker, the land-grabber, the oppressive tyrant, won’t be able to get an audience – because no one will care.


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