Your ripple can affect the whole world


Countless others before us have said this.  Great leaders have said it. Teachers have uttered these words. Parents have whispered them into our ears.

The world can seem daunting to us. How can one woman, one man, change it? One might think, I am just a drop in that ocean, what possible effect can I have on billions?

I am not a philosopher in the conventional sense, but I have walked a few roads. As a writer I have had the opportunity to delve, to look at our world from different perspectives, and I can say this.

One drop, the ripple that YOU make, can change the world.

Whether one is spiritual or not, an atheist or a puritan scientist, there exists inextricable evidence to show that EVERY human being in this world puts out a frequency, every single millisecond of their lives.  The thoughts that you think, the emotions you feel, these are projected into the world.

Many schools of thought exist which promote that if you think positive thoughts, you will get positive results, and while there is truth in this, the point of this short article is to remind one and all that we are vibrant, living and animated beings – and the positive ripples you project into the world, can and do transcend vast distances, and even the thickest of walls.

Negative ripples by the way, if there could be such a thing, do not project very well. A frequency is a wave pattern, up and down, and while there are frequencies of hate and anger and intolerance, they have far less ability to penetrate than do the higher wavelengths of love, tolerance and beauty. They are in fact, incomparable in their relative ability to influence.  Put two pictures side by side, one of death and one of a beautiful landscape, a pretty girl or a rose, and it takes no genius to figure out which one appeals to the consciousness of the majority of people. That is because the higher wavelengths of beauty, aesthetics and love are far more powerful and touch us at the core of who we are, whereas the heavy, ponderous wavelengths of hate and intolerance are only capable of acute, short-term effects, mostly appealing to the mentality of the masses, not to individuals.

Your word, your effect, the vibration you put out, can, in fact, be felt on the other side of the world.

I don’t mean this in some paranormal, metaphysical or esoteric way. I mean it in a very REAL and pragmatic sense, because you are doing it ALL the time.

A wise man once said that if you want to change the world, then be the change you expect of the world to be.

When you help someone – a complete stranger on the street; give them a dollar, help them push their car from the snow, give someone advice, or just listen to someone with a problem – that is a ripple. It doesn’t stop there. That action resonates through them and to others.

When you say a kind word, when you encourage someone, when you demonstrate understanding and tolerance, instead of hate and rejection, you are emanating more ripples, which are aggrandized by others, who echo your actions.

It is said that there are only six degrees of separation between any one man or woman in the world. I don’t know if it is a fact or not, but even so, it suggests that  if one touches another’s life, and that person goes on to touch yet another, and so on, eventually, the ripple-effect reaches people in ways and lands beyond one’s immediate scope.

You don’t know where those ripples will or could go, but by the very nature of the laws of physics, by the very fact that a cell tower in Los Angeles can emanate a frequency which is picked up by a cell phone in Cape Town, Africa, or the Antarctica, proves that a frequency or wavelength does not stop. When one further considers that billions of such devices are emanating wavelengths around us, one sees the power of a mere ripple in the air.

Case in point, the Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in 1977, has just this year passed from our solar system, covering a distance of 12 billion miles, and the frequency from that tiny spacecraft still reaches us nearly 36 years later.

Don’t underestimate the ripples that you set in motion in this world.

Don’t discount the effects you create with your thoughts, with your words, with your smile.

It isn’t just a matter of thinking positively – that is an understatement, a sort of redundancy, because you ARE positive – and if you remember that, if you project that, if you give the world the best of yourself, then those ripples will help to change the world one person at a time.

Imagine then what happens when billions of people are doing the same?

What then would our world be like?


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