If you could reboot your mind…


Like a computer, if you could reboot your mind, that is, clear it of everything that you did not want and then rewrite it, what would you put into it?

Possibly you might give it the freedom of unlimited imagination and thought?

Or even unlimited belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals?

What about love for anyone, even your enemies?

How about tolerance and  compassion?

What is interesting is that all of those things are actually already there. We sometimes bury ourselves in stuff, piling up ideas, fixed ideas, dislikes, beliefs, which cloud our ability to simply LOOK at the world and see it for what it is.

I would recommend this approach; For one hour, stop thinking.

When you walk down the street, just look at what you see. When you are talking to people – don’t think about something else, just listen to their every word. Don’t make any conclusions, don’t assume anything. If you see people, greet them but omit any subterranean thoughts about them. Just interact with the world without letting your mind jump in and start adding other things to the mix.

It’s challenging to do, believe me. We are so accustomed to permitting our mind a free reign, that it runs automatically – almost with a life of its own. But that’s the point, it can be controlled.

You may find, as others have, that when you do that, when you take away the automatic reactions which our minds tend to throw our way, you see things and people very differently.

How WE perceive the world, versus how we see the world through OUR minds, can often be two very different worlds.

Our minds tend to make us anxious, we are constantly thinking about consequences, or what comes next, or what happened an hour ago. That is the mind – it is not you. Consider it like a storage bin for memories, ideas, conclusions etc. – but it isn’t the essence of who we are, really.

If you unplug the mind, your native abilities, your intelligence, and your overall drive is not suddenly lost. In fact, the real beauty in life is when we can see it for what it is – without the different shades put on it. When you stand and watch a stunning sunset over the ocean, and you hear the waves rolling in and the seagulls clamoring in the background – that is YOU interacting with the world. It is not your mind. When you look out your window in the morning and see a grey cloudy day and you feel depressed – that is also not you, that’s your mind casting a shadow over you.  A day is a day, whether sunny or cloudy, and it certainly should not affect your response to life and living.

Try it sometime – just park the mind on a shelf and go look at the world without any pre-ordained ideas, fears, assumptions, anxieties, or ideas about things. You might find that it is really quite amazing how different it looks when the veil of your mind is not pulled across your eyes.

Réal Laplaine is an author and speaker at  www.reallaplaine-lectures.com  and




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