Taking on human traffickers

woman naked in a caddy shopping cart

This Thursday, October 17th, I will attend the Anti-Trafficking Day in Stockholm, hosted by RealStars at the TeaterStudio Lederman. I will be announcing the official publication of my newest book, Quantum Assault the second in the Keeno Action Novel series. Quantum Assault is an action-thriller, wherein the special Canadian crime-fighting team takes on a human trafficking ring which takes them on a man-hunt across the globe.

The story is inspired by the millions of women and children who are enslaved by traffickers around the world. The book concerns one, fifteen year-old girl, who escapes from the traffickers, and her courage to do so, starts a domino-effect and a global tidal-wave.

While the story is fictional, the facts are not, and Quantum Assault will make another step forward in the assault against these criminals who traffic people for profit. Part of the sales of Quantum Assault will be donated to the campaign against human trafficking.

If you are in the area, join us. There will be many speakers spotlighting the issue.

Download your copy of Quantum Assault. It is available in eBook – published by Asteroid Publishing and now available through Amazon.  You can download the free eReader to your phone or laptop in just seconds (see below) and then download the book and start reading right away.

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