Do you speak the truth?


It isn’t what you say, or how much you verbalize – it is the quality of what you say – the truth in your words – that is what is important and which defines a true man or woman, from a false one.

The quality of life is based on how close one approaches the truth of one’s essential self.

Living by integrity, by honour, courage, tolerance and love is a life of dignity and respect for oneself and for others.

Truth is like honey, it attracts us, inspires us and is the magic wand we use to create life.

Lies, hyperbole, character assassination and social platitudes which aggrandize self and reduce others is a sign of cowardice – a person who has forgotten their true self and their real potentials which can only be discovered when one is capable of standing by truth, and truth alone.




One thought on “Do you speak the truth?

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