Freeing North Korea with blue jeans…!?


The totalitarian state of North Korea, where only Kim Jong-un and his croonies live well, while most of the population starve and are kept under the rule of a steel glove, can be freed of this suppressive regime. It’s really up to the people – because whether one has a gun to his head or not, there are still choices, and the North Korean regime could not ever muster enough guns or soldiers from stopping their people if they decided they wanted freedom.


Kim Jong  un maintains a totality of non-incursion into that country, for one reason only, to prevent the people from ever finding out what is beyond those walls. For if they did, they would storm the ramparts and his days of “eliticism” would end. Apparently, amongst the many ridiculous laws which he and his family have invoked to keep the North Korean people in fear, none the least of which include that they must only have one of 28 state-approved hairstyles, or go to prison, they are also NOT permitted to wear blue jeans because blue jeans represented the imperialism of America. Now, if that isn’t hypocrisy coming from the imperialist of imperialists, well, it’s laughable.

What we could do of course, an act which would not be regarded as a military act or a threat of war with KJu and his boys, is air-drop boxes, tonnage of blue jeans into North Korea, just salt the countryside with them… Start a movement which sends a message to the little dictator that the people of North Korea want freedom, not slavery and that the rest of the free world are on their side. Of course, that’s somewhat allegorical, but the point is this … small steps by the many, results in a tidal wave of humanity. It doesn’t take much of a ripple to start the movement … which is why Kim Jong un and his sidekicks are so adamant about making sure that no one can take the first step.

Every dictator eventually falls and his house of cards always crumbles – because you cannot suppress the human soul – and you can’t kill either.


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