Your greatest ability …



Your greatest ability is the ability to CREATE.

You can create anything you want to. Just wave your magic wand, and suddenly your ideas are manifesting right before your eyes.

It doesn’t always happen right away – but to the person who refuses to put their wand in their back pockets and simply march to another tune, the world is just a coloring book for them.

You dream of perfect love and one day she is standing there in front of you. You want to change the world and you find yourself one day with the chance to help one person. You want to add a touch of beauty to the world, so you write a song, a book or you give life to a bright eyed child filled with hope, opportunity and dreams.

Every nano-second of every singular moment of our lives, we are doing one thing with unalloyed certainty – we are creating something, small or large.

Creation is what motivates us, it compels us, it draws us like a thousand thousand stars and manifests the soul within us all.

So create.

Wave your magic wand.

It is what you do best.


Réal Laplaine is an internationally published author and human rights activist.

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