The Great Secret to success

1480640_654271374615730_702566510_nAfter over 50 years of living life, I feel justified and entitled to offer this piece of advice to anyone.

It took me a long time to learn this with a level of certainty that I can now call knowledge, and not just another fact to tuck away into my mental library.

This is one of those pillars, an anchor, and one which I came to learn after jumping for the stars, falling into the pits of some pretty dark holes; rebounding yet again, only to jump for even higher stars in the sky.

Don’t ever subjugate or lessen yourself to any man or woman – period.

That doesn’t mean that one cannot work under or with others – not at all. In order for our society to work, it requires hierarchical structure. Groups run best with leaders and sub-levels below them – but that is an abstract system, and to work, it requires that everyone up and down the hierarchical structure agrees that it will run that way. Slavish compliance, acquiescence to some “command” or “supreme power” – have no part in this. That would typically be elemental to communism, tyranny or a quasi-democracy where people had “some, but not all rights”.

This is not a popular concept in societies, groups, religious orders or even corporations where true democracy is not practiced – but it is the truth. Never let another, no matter the circumstances, ever convince you that your mind, your ideas, your will and your power to determine your life, should be subjugated to theirs. At the point where you ask someone else for a license to live your life, where you crutch yourself to them, you are heading down a road which has a brick wall at the other end – that is guaranteed.

True love is a mutual condition of great admiration, but an admiration which is free and unfettered. “Love” which is based on some idea of mutual ownership of the other, like some possession, is ultimately a relationship doomed to failure.

Right this moment, you are just as responsible for this world as the President of any nation. That choice is yours, NOT theirs to make.

Never deny your true power, your true abilities and most of all, your innate responsibility.

None of this is a call for revolution. It is a call for evolution of our culture. To achieve the highest possible level of freedom and cultural advancement, it is necessary that everyone, in the main, remain free of mind, and never permit themselves to become malleable slaves, answering to some “higher power” and reduced to something less than who they truly are.

You are capable of anything that you want to be. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

If you maintain that viewpoint, then you will have a good chance of living the dreams you set for yourself. It’s not a guarantee that you will be rich, famous or even eternally happy – but you will most certainly be living your life according to YOUR values, your will and your merits and you will be in control of your life and that is a right that no one should ever abdicate. To do so permits slave societies to exist.

by author Real Laplaine


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