Your greatest ability …



Your greatest ability is the ability to CREATE.

You can create anything you want to. Just wave your magic wand, and suddenly your ideas are manifesting right before your eyes.

It doesn’t always happen right away – but to the person who refuses to put their wand in their back pockets and simply march to another tune, the world is just a coloring book for them.

You dream of perfect love and one day she is standing there in front of you. You want to change the world and you find yourself one day with the chance to help one person. You want to add a touch of beauty to the world, so you write a song, a book or you give life to a bright eyed child filled with hope, opportunity and dreams.

Every nano-second of every singular moment of our lives, we are doing one thing with unalloyed certainty – we are creating something, small or large.

Creation is what motivates us, it compels us, it draws us like a thousand thousand stars and manifests the soul within us all.

So create.

Wave your magic wand.

It is what you do best.


Réal Laplaine is an internationally published author and human rights activist.

The Great Secret to success

1480640_654271374615730_702566510_nAfter over 50 years of living life, I feel justified and entitled to offer this piece of advice to anyone.

It took me a long time to learn this with a level of certainty that I can now call knowledge, and not just another fact to tuck away into my mental library.

This is one of those pillars, an anchor, and one which I came to learn after jumping for the stars, falling into the pits of some pretty dark holes; rebounding yet again, only to jump for even higher stars in the sky.

Don’t ever subjugate or lessen yourself to any man or woman – period.

That doesn’t mean that one cannot work under or with others – not at all. In order for our society to work, it requires hierarchical structure. Groups run best with leaders and sub-levels below them – but that is an abstract system, and to work, it requires that everyone up and down the hierarchical structure agrees that it will run that way. Slavish compliance, acquiescence to some “command” or “supreme power” – have no part in this. That would typically be elemental to communism, tyranny or a quasi-democracy where people had “some, but not all rights”.

This is not a popular concept in societies, groups, religious orders or even corporations where true democracy is not practiced – but it is the truth. Never let another, no matter the circumstances, ever convince you that your mind, your ideas, your will and your power to determine your life, should be subjugated to theirs. At the point where you ask someone else for a license to live your life, where you crutch yourself to them, you are heading down a road which has a brick wall at the other end – that is guaranteed.

True love is a mutual condition of great admiration, but an admiration which is free and unfettered. “Love” which is based on some idea of mutual ownership of the other, like some possession, is ultimately a relationship doomed to failure.

Right this moment, you are just as responsible for this world as the President of any nation. That choice is yours, NOT theirs to make.

Never deny your true power, your true abilities and most of all, your innate responsibility.

None of this is a call for revolution. It is a call for evolution of our culture. To achieve the highest possible level of freedom and cultural advancement, it is necessary that everyone, in the main, remain free of mind, and never permit themselves to become malleable slaves, answering to some “higher power” and reduced to something less than who they truly are.

You are capable of anything that you want to be. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

If you maintain that viewpoint, then you will have a good chance of living the dreams you set for yourself. It’s not a guarantee that you will be rich, famous or even eternally happy – but you will most certainly be living your life according to YOUR values, your will and your merits and you will be in control of your life and that is a right that no one should ever abdicate. To do so permits slave societies to exist.

by author Real Laplaine

Freeing North Korea with blue jeans…!?


The totalitarian state of North Korea, where only Kim Jong-un and his croonies live well, while most of the population starve and are kept under the rule of a steel glove, can be freed of this suppressive regime. It’s really up to the people – because whether one has a gun to his head or not, there are still choices, and the North Korean regime could not ever muster enough guns or soldiers from stopping their people if they decided they wanted freedom.


Kim Jong  un maintains a totality of non-incursion into that country, for one reason only, to prevent the people from ever finding out what is beyond those walls. For if they did, they would storm the ramparts and his days of “eliticism” would end. Apparently, amongst the many ridiculous laws which he and his family have invoked to keep the North Korean people in fear, none the least of which include that they must only have one of 28 state-approved hairstyles, or go to prison, they are also NOT permitted to wear blue jeans because blue jeans represented the imperialism of America. Now, if that isn’t hypocrisy coming from the imperialist of imperialists, well, it’s laughable.

What we could do of course, an act which would not be regarded as a military act or a threat of war with KJu and his boys, is air-drop boxes, tonnage of blue jeans into North Korea, just salt the countryside with them… Start a movement which sends a message to the little dictator that the people of North Korea want freedom, not slavery and that the rest of the free world are on their side. Of course, that’s somewhat allegorical, but the point is this … small steps by the many, results in a tidal wave of humanity. It doesn’t take much of a ripple to start the movement … which is why Kim Jong un and his sidekicks are so adamant about making sure that no one can take the first step.

Every dictator eventually falls and his house of cards always crumbles – because you cannot suppress the human soul – and you can’t kill either.

What is happening to democracy?


Once the beacon of freedom in the world, a role model for democracy, America has been a vital and dynamic force in helping to bring greater democracy to our world. Unfortunately, since 2001 its Administration has failed to live up to the very Constitution it is founded upon and certainly, it has failed the American people. As brutal as this may sound, and I am quite sure that I am now offending some very loyal Americans, sadly, the American governance has planted the seeds which have diminished the very democracy which they claim to protect.

I am not anti-American, I assure you of that. I lived there for over thirty years and I love the country, and it is purely out of love and respect for what that nation stands for, and the very reason I was attracted to live there (I am Canadian by birth) – America was the beacon of freedom and democracy in the world. 

However, that flame has diminished and is becoming less visible because of the compromises entered into the system by those responsible for protecting it – and who claim to be doing so in the name of “national security”. Sadly, it is hypocrisy of the worst kind, that its political leaders and heads of intelligence and other facets of the government, stand up and declare their purity of heart when in fact, they are beguiling Americans into believing that all the necessary surveillance of their phones, emails and such, is necessary to ensure they “can walk the streets safely”.

President Obama is on record as recently having stated the following in response to Edward Snowden’s exposure of NSA – the National Security Agency secretive operations to collect information on American citizens:

“You can’t have 100% security and also then have 100% privacy. We’re going to have make choices as a society.”

By his very words, he has reinterpreted the Constitution of America. He has announced that he supports a “new” system wherein government spying and violation of its citizen’s rights, is a necessary element in order to “protect” the nation. He also says that this is a matter of “choice” and yet, to-date, every change in policy and law within America, permitting its intelligence community the right to violate the privacy rights of Americans, has been invoked without the consent, nor even putting the matter to the vote of the citizens. After 9-11, the Bush Administration ushered in an entirely new agency, Homeland Security and a new law, the Patriot Act, a contradiction in terms since in fact the Patriot Act is anything but, for it allows America’s intelligence community to spy on anyone they deem “a suspect”. In fact, since 9/11, there is reportedly over 700,000 Americans now listed on a “watch list” as suspected terrorists or threats to national security, and these people are not even aware of the fact that they have been listed as potential enemies of the very state to whom they pay their taxes.

America has planted the seeds of dictatorship, and though President Obama would no doubt laugh it off, saying that no such extreme measures have been invoked, if one watches the various interviews with him (see link above) one comes to realize that he has declared himself an advocate of privacy invasion in the name of national security. And one only need to look ahead, to see a plausible future, where either Obama, or another administration, invoke policy changes, directly against the Constitution, which make even more stringent reforms towards “national security”.

As to terrorism, they need only to stoke the flames of sensationalism in this arena to make it seem plausible and pervasive, whereas in fact, deaths from auto accidents EVERY month in America alone far exceed any threat that terrorism presents to the world at large. It is an inflated and demonstrably created scenario, one designed for control purposes – but that is a subject for yet another time.

Unfortunately, the beast which has been created is the same colour and shape as any past oppressive system – the minute that the governing bodies start talking about “national security” as paramount to individual privacy and rights, then what in fact distinguishes such a mentality from a communist Russia, a totalitarian state, or Orwell’s “Big Brother”.

Every oppressive system of government started by violating just ONE piece of individual rights, carving out a foothold in the mountain of human rights, and with that they forged new laws, enacted violent changes to deal with “circumstances” for the “good of the many” and eventually, a free people were slaves to a system.

Whistle blowers such as Edward Snowden, while profiled as an “enemy of the state” for exposing the government’s secrets, is in fact, a hero. If in fact, any other private agency, corporation or entity were engaged in similar crimes, they would be treated and prosecuted by the law. But the US government has redefined this matter, couching it all in terms which simply justify the end.

The disintegration of democracy in America is the real impending disaster – and it behoves all of us to not only be vigilant on this matter, but to demand a change, to insist upon transparency, and to ensure, by any means, that our governments do not, and CANNOT ever pass laws and changes of policy regarding our privacy and our freedom. Freedom means FREE FROM, it does not mean, free “except for”. It does not, by definition, permit any kind of restrictions, marginalization or interpretation by ANYONE. Any administration that feels entitled to do so, to redefine that freedom in order to accomplish its ends, is in fact inept and incompetent to hold such office, and as such, their campaign platform was a lie, because they declared their competence to a nation of people who voted them in, and then, they violated the trust. As such, according to the Constitution, such Administration should be requested to step down from office and a new administration installed which will in fact protect the rights of the people it serves above all else. Any other stance is simply beguile and duplicity.

America needs to be led, not terrorized into acquiescence.

What would you wish for?


I know it sounds trite, and some might even scoff at the “impracticality” – saying that one must “face reality” – but I am a true believer that if you want to really LIVE life, you have to live it according to your own dreams – not what others dictate or dish out to one in the box called “mediocrity”.

In this article, by a nurse who spent many years tending to dying patients, she sums it up very well as to what those people said on their death bed. It behoves all of us to listen to what she says.

Frank Sinatra had it right …


This piece of advice sounds radical, and to some, unreal, but it is solid to the core.

What do these people have in common?

Sir Isaac Newton? Lady Gaga? Abraham Lincoln? Steven Jobs? Henry Ford? Bill Gates? John Pemberton? Alexander Fleming? Martin Luther King? Copernicus? Galileo?

I could name thousands of people just like those above – but what made them stand-out in life, what made them succeed in their dreams is this…. they believed what they believed and they DID what they believed. In other words, in spite of being treated as a heretical criminal, and forced into house arrest for many years because of his scientific discovery which violated the doctrines of the Catholic Church, Galileo maintained that Earth was not the center of things, but rather, that it, amongst other planets revolved around the sun. He was right – everyone else who attempted to shut him up, was wrong.  Bill Gates so believed that he could create a household computer system, that he developed and eventually launched the most successful computer company in history. Martin Luther King, against all odds – believed in equality and his name alone has carried that message across the world. Pemberton developed a soft-drink which remains the largest selling cola in history. Lady Gaga? Well, you can figure it out, but from just another girl living in New Jersey,  in just years she has become one of the largest pop-stars due to her unique stylized performance and music.

Achievers in life are people who first and foremost believe in THEMSELVES. They do things, not because others tell them to, but because THEY believe it is right. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to strike out on a new road, or invent a new product – that isn’t the point. The point is this – if you want to dance ballet and you weigh 300 pounds, and everyone around you tells you that you can never succeed and would be better suited to being a sumo wrestler – you better do what you want to do.  If you want to write and people repeatedly ask you how you expect to make a living at it, then go write – because if you follow that “safe” road, the “collective” ideas about what is “good for you” – you may never really achieve your dreams.

Frank Sinatra had it right with his song, “I did it my way.”

Do it your way – live the life that YOU want to live. It isn’t always the easiest road – but it most certainly is the road which empowers YOU.

Do you speak the truth?


It isn’t what you say, or how much you verbalize – it is the quality of what you say – the truth in your words – that is what is important and which defines a true man or woman, from a false one.

The quality of life is based on how close one approaches the truth of one’s essential self.

Living by integrity, by honour, courage, tolerance and love is a life of dignity and respect for oneself and for others.

Truth is like honey, it attracts us, inspires us and is the magic wand we use to create life.

Lies, hyperbole, character assassination and social platitudes which aggrandize self and reduce others is a sign of cowardice – a person who has forgotten their true self and their real potentials which can only be discovered when one is capable of standing by truth, and truth alone.